Support for family and friends

The National Problem Gambling Clinic is very aware of the impact gambling can have on all those close to it.

We know that it is very likely that as a family member, you need support too. We believe that you are a very important part of the clinic in your own right, as well as being able to help the person you know that is struggling with their gambling behaviour regardless of whether or not they are currently seeking help.

You can make a difference to how you are coping and feeling and in turn influence those around you. We currently offer two services for you to access at the clinic in order for you to get the support you need. To access these services you will need to attend an initial appointment at the clinic.

Family therapy

Family therapy involves helping family members to help each other, gain new perspectives and find new solutions to the difficulties they are experiencing. We define 'family' to mean any group of people who define themselves as such, who care about and care for each other. These appointments are arranged with you during office hours (a limited number of appointments are available early evening). Usually we offer six family appointments and then review.

Contact details:

Address: Crowther Market, 282 North End Road, London SW6 1NH
Phone: 020 7381 7722
Fax: 020 7381 7723

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