International Centre for Arts Psychotherapies Training (ICAPT)

Developing effective approaches for arts psychotherapies practice in mental health.

Arts psychotherapists use a non-verbal medium to help link talking and feeling in powerful and focused ways. It is of no surprise that arts can promote mental health and wellbeing, however the models of practice need to be applied in the right way with the knowledge of technical aspects of implementation informed by evidence.

The International Centre for Arts Psychotherapies Training in Mental Health (ICAPT) was established in 2011 to build upon the excellence of arts psychotherapies clinical expertise and to offer training for evidence-based models more widely. The aim of the centre is to provide a better experience for patients where interventions are guided but not prescriptive and are informed by the latest research without losing the intuition and innovation of which arts psychotherapists are known for.

The priorities of the centre are to:

  • Offer training in mentalisation-based arts psychotherapies, interpersonal arts psychotherapies and interventions for psychosis
  • Develop clinical research and quality improvement projects for arts psychotherapies within mental health services
  • Develop dialogues with service users about what works for whom
  • Build an international community

This is the first centre of its kind, accessible to all arts psychotherapists with a focus on evidence-based practice for clinical groups and will help to offer a way forward for arts psychotherapists refining clinical methods verbally and non-verbally for specific clinical populations.


We have a range of courses - sign up at the eventbrite links below:

Mentalization Based Arts Psychotherapies Psychoeducation 

Harrow, United Kingdom | University of Westminster, Harrow Campus

Monday, 27 March 2017 - Tuesday 28 March, 09:30am to 04:30pm (both days)

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Brief Interpersonal Methods for Arts Therapists Working with Depression (BIAPs)

Harrow, United Kingdom | University of Westminster, Harrow Campus

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 from 01:30pm to 4:00pm (half day session)

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UKCP Placements

We offer placements exploring the use of different clinical models in health settings including psychiatric placements for psychotherapists working with adults and psychiatric placements for psychotherapists working with older adults and healthy ageing.

Our current placements are now filled. Registration for future placements will reopen in October 2017.

If you are interested in registering for future placements or want more information, please join our mailing list by emailing your details to:


More information

For more information, email or telephone 020 8438 1740.