Research Forum

The Research Forum has been established to use research in arts psychotherapies to inform good practice.

The first Research Forum for arts psychotherapies was held on 23 July 2013. We provided a space for exploring research, ideas, methodologies and ambitions. The afternoon offered discussion about contexts and ways of seeing research about arts psychotherapies.

  • What does good research practice mean?
  • What research questions are being asked and why?
  • How does this help clinicians to improve their practice in the field?

As part of CNWL, ICAPT aspires actively to link with empirically informed methods of arts psychotherapies practice that promote recovery for the patient in mental health settings.

The Research Forum will evolve to create stronger connections between researchers and arts psychotherapists (often dual role) as well as informing the research progress of our work with the Horizons Project.

The forum will focus on training needs, the international and cultural context, service user involvement and outcomes studies.

It aims to help establish an ongoing network with active researchers, those in the early days of ambitious projects and those that are considering further research. Within CNWL, we have been involved in developing randomised controlled trials, outcome measures and qualitative research.

This work is supported by the Arts Psychotherapies University Alliance and associate professors:

  • Professor Peter Fonagy
  • Professor Helen Odell Miller
  • Professor Helen Payne
  • Professor Diane Waller

More information

For more details or to become a member, contact Dominik Havsteen-Franklin or Anna Maratos by email: