Viral Hepatitis Service

Our free, confidential service provides care and treatment for people with Hepatitis B and C (and for those with HIV)

We are part of the North Central London Hepatitis Network led by the Royal Free Hospital. We have specialist hepatology and virology input.
The service is based at the Mortimer Market Centre and includes: 

  • Hepatitis B and C testing (routine Hepatitis C antigen testing)
  • Monitoring with blood tests, ultrasound scans and onsite fibroscan
  • Designated treatment advice and support
  • Onsite pharmacy
  • Partner notification
  • Access to testing and vaccination of partners
  • Health advisors and psychologist support
  • Patient representatives offering advocacy and peer support
  • Information about alcohol and drugs including ‘chems’
  • Provision of ‘slamming’ packs, condoms and sexual health screens

Eligibility criteria

This service is open to anyone diagnosed through our service and local residents.
If you are newly diagnosed with hepatitis B or C in our service an appointment will be arranged to see our team.

For further information and advice call us on 020 3317 5100

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