Education, Training and Development

We value diversity in our workforce and encourage staff to reach their potential through training, coaching and mentoring.

Coaching and mentoring is open to all staff and allows our staff to share their knowledge and experience on both a formal and informal basis.

We also have a funding and bursary scheme for staff who wish to develop in their career by undertaking further qualifications – normally a degree or masters.

Within CNWL there is a long tradition of running a Women into Management course that is sponsored by the Executive Board. We know from discussing management opportunities with women within the Trust, particularly those who are in clinical roles, that the leap from a clinical to a management role is one that can be fraught with problems. Often, women are reluctant to depart from a clinical roles unless they are absolutely sure that the move to management is what they are looking for in the next stage in their career.

This programme has been designed to support female staff make the decision. Since the conception of the programme, the Trust has offered secondment opportunities to more than 60 members of staff who were in clinical or first line management roles and considering developing their managerial career.

We also offer a preceptorship programme for newly registered nurses and allied health professionals. The programme provides a structured framework which will help new nurses and professionals to consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired during your pre registration course and support them in taking ownership of their own learning and professional development. It will also help nurses meet your Post Registration Education Practice (PREP) requirements.

We offer salary supported secondments to suitably qualified staff entering nurses and allied health professional training.