Drop-in clinics for hearing screening tests

Any person aged 16+, registered with a Milton Keynes GP can attend one of 3 drop-in clinics for their hearing to be screened.

Please be aware that children, individuals with learning disabilities, dementia or those who require home visits will need a GP referral to the Milton Keynes Audiology department.

What happens at a hearing screening test

We will ask you to complete a form, which asks for your personal details.

You will be seen by a member of the adult hearing team who will take a look inside your ear canal to check the ear drum is healthy and clear of wax and infection. If excessive wax or an infection is present, we will advise you to contact your GP surgery.

A screen device may be used to play certain sounds to ascertain if you would benefit from hearing aids. If yes, an appointment will be offered to return for a full NHS hearing test. We have three centre's but the hearing test would take place at Eaglestone Health Centre.

Some people do not require a hearing aid but will have other concerns regarding their ears, which requires a hearing test. This will be discussed in the screening clinic and, if needed, a hearing test will be booked.

Our locations

Eaglestone Health Centre
Standing Way
Milton Keynes

Opening hours: Every Wednesday from 09.00-12.00

Wolverton Health Centre
1st Floor
Gloucester Road
Milton Keynes
MK12 5DF

Opening hours: Every third Thursday of every month from 09.00-12.00

Newport Pagnell Medical Centre
Queens Avenue
Newport Pagnell
Milton Keynes
MK16 8QT

Opening hours: Every last Friday of the month from 12.00-15.00