...with Dr Frances Connan 11 February 2013

Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2013

This week (11-17 February) is Eating Disorders Awareness Week 2013.  It aims to raise awareness and understanding of this serious mental health illness, and to challenge stereotypes and stigmas. The two clear messages this year are to raise funds for B-eat (an eating disorder charity) and to raise awareness. 'Sock it to eating disorders' hopes to raise funds for B-eat through sponsored sock themed events from selling knitted socks to wearing silly socks! As an NHS Eating Disorder Service we are focusing more on raising awareness with this year's message of 'Everybody knows somebody'.

Eating disorders are more common than people may think - over 1.6million people in the UK are affected by eating disorders including men and women of all ages and backgrounds. The Vincent Square Eating Disorder Service provides specialist care for adults with a range of eating disorders including anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder. Our mission is to "work together to inspire and support individuals with eating disorders and their families on their path to recovery".

This week we start our popular skills-based workshops for family members, partners and friends. We recognise that families/carers are in a unique position to support their loved one in tackling their eating disorder and this course of 8 skills training workshops aims to provide carers with practical advice and support. 

At Vincent Square, we understand that suffering with an eating disorder is tough and can feel very lonely at times, especially as people wait for treatment. We hope that via Twitter we can provide motivation, support and helpful information in an innovative and creative way - not only to our own service users and carers but to the wider public.

Dr Frances Connan

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Frances Connan is Clinical Director for Vincent Square Eating Disorders Service