...with Graeme Caul 16 May 2014

We are supporting #HelloMyNameIs

Hello, my name is Graeme, and I am Divisional Director for Diggory.

While on holiday earlier this year I started to follow @GrangerKate on Twitter. Kate is a third year, elderly medicine registrar who is living with a rare and aggressive type of sarcoma that will end her life prematurely. Her story is truly inspiring.
As a healthcare professional who now heavily relies on healthcare services she has a unique perspective on what it is to be a patient.  She has written a book on her experiences, ‘The Other Side’. It was compelling, thought provoking and and some of it didn’t make me very proud.
She talks about the porter who, when taking her in a wheelchair for surgery, he can see that bumps make her uncomfortable so he carefully navigates the corridor to keep her as pain free as possible.  At the other extreme though she talks about having various healthcare professionals examining her in bed, but forgetting to take the time to introduce themselves.  Almost as if they are treating her as an illness or condition, not a person.  
On the back of her experiences, Kate has founded the #hellomynameis campaign and now has over 20,000 followers on twitter.  It’s a simple message about the little things and the difference they make. The campaign is designed to remind, encourage and inspire staff to remember to introduce themselves to every single patient that they meet.
I am proud to say that today we launched the #hellomynameis campaign with our own St Pancras Rehabilitation Unit.  Kate very kindly sent a short message, explaining the campaign and why it’s so important.  ‘Hello, my name is…’ is the start of a connection and helps our patients feel engaged and at the centre of everything we do.  This is something I know we all mean to do, but do we everytime? I am not so sure.  That's why we are talking to staff about Kate's story and using that to make a difference for our patients.
I know it’s a campaign that all our staff will take to heart and I am personally very excited as the small things really do make a difference and demonstrate the compassionate and caring approach that all our staff strive to deliver day in day out.  I really hope we can make Kate proud too.
You can read more about Kate and her campaign at http://hellomynameis.org.uk/#home 

Graeme Caul

Associate Director of Community Services in Camden

Graeme is the Associate Director of Community Services in Camden.