Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust, has an established Charity which receives donations and pays out grants which benefit the patients, service users and carers of its services.

Our vision is 'to create a world where ordinary people are empowered to do extraordinary things and achieve outstanding outcomes, for the benefit of all regardless of whether they have, or care for someone, with a physical or mental illness.'

The Central and North West London NHS Foundation Trust Charitable Fund is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales – Registration Number 1082989 and is regulated by:

  • The Charity Commission for England and Wales
  • Fundraising Regulator

Other regulators (including the Information Commissioners Office) 

The Charity seeks to build resilient communities which allows the clinical work of the NHS to be sustainable, and enables patients, carers and staff the opportunity to lead lives which, as much as possible, fulfil their personal and professional aspirations.

We use funds to organise different programs and activities. Some of these include:

  • Grants to provide patient friendly facilities (Murals and Garden on Shannon Ward)
  • Grants to enable service users to take part in Social activities (sponsoring Harrow Mental Health Football Team)
  • Helping patients get into employment, education and learning
  • Funding Research projects
  • Supporting events which enhance the skills of staff to provide higher quality care to service users (Pressure Ulcer Prevention/ Breastfeeding Conferences)
  • Supporting events which allow service users to find their voice (More than Just A Choir, CAMHS Summer Conference)

For more information, see download this document which details how we spent the grants we received.

You can help in the following ways:

  • Donate online
  • Help us identify projects we can invest in that can change the lives of patients, carers and staff
  • Help us fund raise by taking part in fundraising events
  • Organise your own fundraising events
  • Promote the charity by sharing this page and the donation link with your network and become a champion for us at your work place.

To get involved, please contact Andrew Machin who is our Associate Director for Charity Development at andrew.machin@nhs.net