Other groups and activities

Here are some other groups and activities that happen at Collingham Child and Family Centre:


All children go swimming once a week to a local pool where we have a lesson.

Cookery group

Children can cook their own meals some evenings.


Up to 6 children get to go horseriding each week. We go to a horseriding stables where the children have a lesson on a Tuesday morning.

Discussion group

This is a time for children to have their say about things that are happening in the centre. You can make suggestions about how things could be done differently.

Special time

On a Friday we have a special time meeting where we think about goals and present a child with a medal who worked especially hard throughout the week on their goals.

Music therapy

We have a musician who comes to the centre once a week and helps children to play musical instruments or to sing.

Pottery group

There is a pottery room where children can make things out of clay. We have a kiln so the pottery can be fired and glazed and taken home.

Holiday programme

During school holidays staff run an activity based programme where we do lots of fun activities. In the summer we take the children and young people away on a holiday to an adventure centre. All the children love this holiday as they get to do lots of exciting things.

Evening activities

We have lots of great toys and activities in the unit. They include a pool table, a giant screen TV, play stations, a Wii, iPads, lots of games, DVDs etc.

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