Employment Services Annual report

14 November 2018

Between April 2017 and March 2018 483 people used Trustwide Employment Services (of 478); 250 paid outcomes were achieved (target was 229) for 190 people, which is a 39 per cent placement rate.  (37 per cent placement rate in the last year).  59 education/training outcomes were achieved as part of the journey back to work and 33 Recovery and Wellbeing Courses were completed (which complement the return to work journey).

A patient, quoted in the report says, “This job has changed my life. I have been working since November 2017 in a role that I am passionate about, I am earning money. I will never take my job for granted. If you want to work there are people out there to help you like my Employment Specialist and Community Psychiatric Nurse helped me.

“I mentioned to someone that I was considering returning to work, he told me I was in a daydream. I told him that sometimes daydreams do come true, now mine has come true. I cannot thank my Employment Specialist and CPN enough for helping me change my life.”  

Download the full Employment Services Annual report (PDF)