Mental health awareness at work

It pays to be aware of good mental health practice in the workplace.

Employers who improve their management of mental health at work can cut staffing costs by about a third, according to figures published by the Government (see page 34). 

On the other hand, the cost to British business of not looking after employees’ mental health is about £26 billion, or just over £1,000 per person per year.  On average, one in six UK workers has a mental health problem at any one time.

To make sure they have a mentally healthy workplace, employers can develop a strategy which will benefit all staff by:

  • Tackling the causes of work-related mental ill health, and
  • Supporting employees with mental health difficulties

To help you do this there is a range of training, support and advice suitable for organisations of any size in the private, public or voluntary sectors. These include:

Employers have a duty of care under UK law to protect the health, safety and welfare of all employees (Health and Safety at Work Act 1974) and to assess the risks arising from hazards at work, including work-related mental health problems.

By promoting wellbeing for all employees, tackling work-related mental health issues and supporting staff who are experiencing mental difficulties, you can create a workplace where employees want to work and where they can perform well.

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