The ICAPT Evening Lecture Series: Drawing on Evidence in Arts Psychotherapies

The ICAPT team, colleagues and partners will be presenting some of their ideas that are at the heart of what drives their interest in developing research informed practice in arts psychotherapies.

Each seminar is about practice, how we process, make sense of and analyse clinical scenarios within health care contexts and the unique contribution of the arts to these processes. They take a personal view, offer emerging research and evidence, explore new formulations and most of all will be creating dialogues between our members and the wider world.

We will provide light refreshments for an informal evening of presentations, discussions and the occasional arts collaboration. We welcome people from all professions and perspectives to discuss with us key themes in the arts psychotherapies world, what we do with evidence and how we continue to develop and promote innovation in health care.

Evening lectures are free for CNWL staff. Please email to book your place.

Non-CNWL staff tickets are only £9.12, and can be purchased via the below Eventbrite links under each lecture.

Please see below a list of upcoming lectures. For any queries please email:

Making Sense: Art Practice and Transformative Therapeutics

Speaker: Lorna Collins

Lorna says:

This lecture interrogates my monograph, Making Sense: Art Practice and Transformative Therapeutics, which was written from the viewpoint of continental philosophy, but has ramifications for art therapy. I wrote the book when I was entrenched within the Ivory Tower of Cambridge University. In this context, ‘therapy’, or even ‘art’ did not ‘fit’ into the establishment. I had to find a way to present art therapy (‘therapeutics’), by demonstrating how art can provide a method of healing and, also, a critical method of research. This lecture demonstrates how I went about this quest, in order to question and understand how and why art has a healing and regenerative facility and power. The purpose of the book is to make the creative and healing properties of certain modes of expression widely accessible, practical and useful. The lecture compares and contrasts differing fields (therapy, art, art therapy, philosophy, academia), in relation to the different subjects (artist, arts educator, philosopher, art therapist, student, service user) who may approach and utilise the artwork’s power to heal. We’re all talking about the same thing: making an artwork, or engaging with art, brings about a capacity to help us make sense of ourselves and the world. This lecture begins to consider how to conceptualise, understand and apply such a universal opportunity.

Lorna completed her PhD as a Foundation Scholar in French Philosophy, at Jesus College, Cambridge. As an academic, Lorna was the founder and organiser/curator of the trans-disciplinary Making Sense colloquia and co-editor of the series of Making Sense books. She is the author of Making Sense: Art Practice and Transformative Therapeutics, and co-editor of Deleuze and the Schizoanalysis of Visual Art. Following her vocation, Lorna is currently a trainee Art Psychotherapist at Roehampton University. Her provocative practice as an artist, in poetry, film, paint and installation, supports and guides continued self-discovery. Find out more on her website.

Date: Tuesday 26 November 2019

Time: 6.15 onwards

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