Post-qualification training for arts psychotherapists

We offer the following training courses for qualified art psychotherapists, music therapists and drama therapists:

Why train with us?

The training integrates well-established principles of arts therapies with research informed psychological interventions:

  • Developing a shared language for arts therapies interventions
  • Linking practice with outcomes
  • Using research to inform clinical development

The ICAPT team is led by clinical leads and managers who have demonstrated clinical expertise in art psychotherapy, music therapy and drama therapy. The training is attended by arts therapists from different backgrounds and offers an opportunity to provide a multi-modal learning forum.

During these times of such significant change in the health services, where jobs have far less security than ever before, and as payment by results becomes implemented through value-based commissioning, it will become more a requirement that we are able to demonstrate a shared understanding of the treatment process from the therapist's, manager's and patient's perspective.

These training programmes are a significant step towards establishing a position that offers a clinically led solution.

If you have not already completed this training and you are either intending to work in a health setting which involves the treatment of severe mental health disorders or you are already working in a health setting, we believe that these training programmes would be of benefit to you.

Arts Therapies skills in Dementia care

Date: Wednesday 3 April 2019 Time: 9.15am to 5pm (registration begins at 9am) Lunch will be provided

This enjoyable, interactive, and fun learning experience will give an insight into the process and understanding of arts therapy to enable a fuller arts engagement with people who have a diagnosis of dementia. The day will outline dementia and arts therapy and look at how arts therapy communication can inform engagement and emotional understanding. Alongside this introduction will be an opportunity to interact with experienced drama, music and art therapists through structured and improvised workshops. We hope that attendees will gain greater understanding, increased skills and confidence in communicating and working creatively with people experiencing dementia.

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Mentalization based arts psychotherapies for BPD and psychosis

Date: 19-20 June 2019 Time: 9.30pm to 4.30m (both days)

An arts psychotherapies mentalization based model focuses on re-representations (image, sound, movement, narrative) of self and other and the underlying affect linked with the interpersonal context. A range of methods will be highlighted that help to promote conditions for developing implicit and explicit reflections as well as understanding non-mentalizing processes and how these manifest in mental health conditions associated with Borderline Personality Disorder or psychosis. Verbal and arts based interventions and strategies are described in the context of arts psychotherapies practice and are explored in relation to working with individuals and groups. The trainers also adapt the training, where possible, to the aims that are collaboratively set. Teaching includes presentations and experiential work.

Learning Objectives

Day 1

  • To understand the characteristics of BPD
  • To know the basic concepts of MBT
  • To know a mentalizing therapeutic stance
  • To know what ‘good mentalizing’ looks like
  • To know what ‘non-mentalizing states’ look like
  • To begin to explore how using verbal skills in arts psychotherapies can be used as part of a mentalization based treatment

Day 2

  • To understand a medical and psychodynamic formulation of psychoses and BPD
  • To know how the existing evidence underpins practice
  • To know the therapeutic stance
  • To be able to put into practice a range of mentalizing competencies
  • To understand a dynamic process of arts based interventions for psychosis/BPD

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Core Principles of Supervised Arts Therapies

Date: 4 July 2019 Time: 9.15am to 4.30pm 

This event is being run by Art and Music Senior clinical supervisors (Dominik Havsteen-Franklin and Mario Eugster). The aims of the day are to engage in processes of enabling and exploring emergent clinical content in clinical supervision. This is a 1 day training where many mentalization arts based-processes will be explored as well as the similarities and differences between clinical competencies and supervisory competencies. This training is suitable for people wanting to refresh themselves about core principles or people who have recently begun or are thinking about beginning supervisory practice. We also run an advanced training day which this day provides a foundation for. The event is CPD certified.

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Testimonials from trainees

"A comprehensive introduction to Mentalisation"

"Well thought-out and communicated model of working with a good mix of tasks"

"Diversity in areas covered, clear information, hands-on advice, a good combination of videos, role play and lectures"

More information

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