Current awareness

Keeping in touch with what goes on in your professional field can be fiddly and time-consuming. CNWL Library and Knowledge Services can regularly send you custom-made alerts to keep you up-to-date on any healthcare-related topic of choice: news, events, research and best practice in your subject through journal contents pages, blogs and RSS feeds. Contact library staff for more information.

You can also check out our CNWL Netvibes, a bundle of quality feeds on a range of topics relevant to all staff categories.

Below is a useful selection of quality current awareness and alerting services for healthcare issues for you to tap into:

CASH (Current Awareness Service for Health)
CASH aims to keep health professionals in touch with new developments for the benefit of patient care and improved decision-making. It is a collaborative service provided byUKinformation professionals who monitor and capture content from across three broad sectors - primary care, secondary care and mental health.

The content is added to the central CASH database and is made available to search or be streamed as a newsfeed, using RSS technology.

London Knowledge & Intelligence Team (formerly the London Health Observatory)
The London Knowledge & Intelligence Team at Public Health England monitors health and healthcare in the capital, supporting practitioners and informing decision-makers. It produces a monthly newsletter covering many areas of interest to healthcare professionals.

NCCMH Mental Health and Social Care bulletin 
The NCCMH’s e-bulletin alerts healthcare professionals to clinical news, health and social care guidance, publications and policies in mental health and social care.

NICE Eyes on Evidence 
Access to a large directory of good quality, health-related newsfeeds, catalogued and indexed by subject areas.

NHS Health and Social Care Information Centre
A wide selection of information feeds is on offer.

North Thames Libraries Current Awareness Bulletin for Nursing & Allied Health Staff
This bi-monthly bulletin on a range of nursing and PAMs topics is produced by the Bloomsbury Healthcare Library.

Allied Health Professionals bulletin
NHS England provides a monthly current awareness service for all AHPs.

Commissioning bulletin
NHS England's update with the complexities of CCGs.

Liaison and Diversion bulletin
NHS England's Liaison and Diversion Bulletin is published monthly and covers a range of topics related to the Liaison and Diversion programme including schemes, event reports and case studies demonstrating how service-users have benefited from the programme.