MRCPsych CASC Revision Course

This two-day revision course is designed to help trainees pass the RCPsych Clinical Assessment of Skills and Competencies (CASC) examination.


Dates: Monday 8 December
Timings: 09:00am – 17:00pm
Venue: Stephenson House, Hampstead Rd, London NW1 2PL
Cost: £225 per day

Course outline

This examination, which many find challenging and daunting, is the final part of the RCPsych membership examinations and a requirement to enter higher specialist training in psychiatry.

The CASC examination is based on an assessment of observed skills in a simulated clinical scenario. It provides assurance of a trainee’s abilities to deal with clinical situations and to be able to move into further specialist training. However, trainees find this to be a challenging and daunting experience, either due to the pressure of performing in a live scenario or understanding the requirements of the exam.

Our experienced CASC examiners have put together a course that will help trainees to develop skills to perform better in the exam. Traditional courses rely on simulating the CASC exam with multiple stations and feedback on performance from examiners. We believe that this does not meet the needs of all trainees and does not always allow them to fully analyse their performance, especially if they are having recurrent difficulties in passing the exam.

On this revision course, trainees are encouraged to review their own performance as well as that of other trainees by videotaping a CASC station. This is then reviewed with other participants and trainees are encouraged to think like CASC examiners so that they develop a greater understanding of how to improve their performance. Observational learning from your own and other trainees’ videotaped scenarios are a powerful tool in gaining confidence and skills to help pass the CASC examination and provide a novel approach that other CASC courses are unable to do.

The course will provide an introduction to the examiner’s perspective on the CASC stations and then a simulated station will be videotaped for each participant. A maximum of 12 participants will be expected to videotape one station over the two days for group review. We have received positive feedback from preliminary sessions on the quality of learning from video interviews and the interactive nature of delivery.


The course is organised and conducted by:

Dr Jona Lewin: qualified 1986 (Munich, Germany). Postgraduate training in Psychiatry at Charing Cross Basic Training Scheme, clinical lecturer at St George's Medical School and higher training in adult psychiatry at Royal Free Training Scheme. MPhil in psychosomatic medicine, University of London 1993. Fifteen years' experience as consultant psychiatrist and in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. Local site coordinator for Imperial College medical students since 2002. Clinical and educational supervisor of psychiatric trainees. CASC examiner since 2007.

Dr Sukhdip Bahia: qualified 1994 (Manchester). Postgraduate training in psychiatry at Manchester Basic Training Scheme and higher training in adult psychiatry at the North Western Deanery Higher Training Scheme. Also completed training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy 2007. Eight years' experience as consultant psychiatrist and in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students. CASC examiner since 2007, Core Scheme TPD in North West Deanery from 2009-2012 and appointed as Specialty Educational Lead for Core Psychiatry Training in North West London in February 2013.

More information

If you have any enquiries about the course please contact Faisal Al-Mazrouy on 020 8937 6320 or email