Sexual and reproductive healthcare training

Margaret Pyke Centre has been successfully delivering sexual and reproductive healthcare (SRH) training for over 20 years.

We offer specialised SRH training courses, assessments and qualifications, including LARC, for both doctors and nurses (FSRH accredited). The content and delivery of our training programmes reflects our position as a leading centre for SRH services.

Our charity partner, the Margaret Pyke Trust, has a worldwide reputation for excellence in the field of SRH research, clinical trials, advocacy and training.

We offer the following courses:

All our training is delivered by highly experienced clinicians and Faculty Registered Trainers (FRT). They receive continuous educational supervision and evaluation which ensures the quality and relevance of both their clinical knowledge and training skills.

Our training team is dedicated to supporting doctors and nurses acquire the specialised skills they need in order to deliver quality SRH in their own clinical environments.

Margaret Pyke Centre is located in the borough of Camden at Mortimer Market Centre just off Tottenham Court Road.

Training also takes place at the Archway Centre (Islington) and in our community clinics in Camden and Islington.

Each trainee receives an individual training programme tailored to their specific needs. They are supported by a dedicated primary trainer who provides help with course information, training schedules and gives one-to-one trainer contact.

Margaret Pyke Centre clinics offer a full range of SRH services with a diverse patient group. Trainees have access to appropriate cases for each training session. Dedicated procedure clinics enable trainees to attain and consolidate their practical skills as quickly and effectively as possible.

More information

For more information about SRH training in Camden and Islington please contact:

Ceri Gifford
Training Administration Manager
5th Floor
Mortimer Market Centre
Capper Street
Telephone: 020 3317 5471