Letter of Competence in Intrauterine Techniques (LoC IUT)

The Letter of Competence in Intrauterine Techniques (LoC IUT) is a competency-based training programme in the insertion and removal of intrauterine contraception (IUD and IUS) and management of common complications. It involves an e-learning programme and one-to-one practical training sessions. You must complete a minimum of seven competent IUD/S insertions to gain the LoC.


Doctors with both registration and a licence to practise with the UK GMC or nurses on the UK NMC register (excluding RN Level 2).

  • Passed e-knowledge assessment(eKA) or holds current DFSRH, NDFSRH, MFSRH or FFSRH
  • Completion of e-SRH Module 18 within the 6 months prior to your first training session. A certificate of completion must be forwarded to Ceri Gifford, Training Administration Manager, before training begins.
  • Competent in consultation skills.
  • Up-to-date with resuscitation and anaphylaxis
  • Gynaecological skills:
    The trainee must be competent in the following gynaecological skills:
  • Assessment of size, position and mobility of the uterus.
  • Assessment, investigation and management of potential IUD/IUS users with:
    - Abnormal findings at pelvic examination
    - Heavy and/or painful periods
    - Infrequent and/or absent periods
    - Vaginal discharge and sexually transmitted infection
    - Acute and chronic pelvic pain.

Nurses must also provide evidence that they are competent in bimanual examination to the standard of the RCN genital examination in women competencies.

Before or during the IUT training, the trainers for the LoC IUT may refer the trainee for further gynaecological experience if this is assessed as necessary.

For more details, please click here. If you are not employed by CNWL you must provide additional documentation before you are permitted to see patients within our service. Please contact Ceri Gifford, Training Administrator for more information.

Maximum timeframes

  • Three years between eKA pass and LoC application
  • Two years between eKA pass and start of model uterus/clinical assessments
  • Six months between completion of e-SRH Module 18 and start of model uterus/clinical assessments.

Where an application does not meet these requirements further training will be required prior to certification.

Practical training sessions

Before your training begins, you will be assigned your primary trainer, who will oversee your training and final assessment.

IUT training sessions take place at Margaret Pyke Centre (Camden) and Archway Centre (Islington). The number of sessions needed may vary depending on your clinical and educational experience. We will contact you to plan your training schedule, which you will be asked to approve.


The fee for the LoC IUT training is £600 which must be paid in full before your training begins. This is in addition to the fees payable to the FSRH for the eKA, yearly subscription to the FRSH and registration of the Letter of Competence. 

If we need to reschedule your training due to clinic or staffing changes, we will give you as much notice as possible and we will aim to reschedule your sessions at a convenient time.

For an application form and payment details please contact Ceri Gifford, Training Administration Manager.

More information

For more information about SRH training in Camden and Islington please contact:

Ceri Gifford
Training Administration Manager
5th Floor
Mortimer Market Centre
Capper Street
Telephone: 020 3317 5471
Email: ceri.gifford@nhs.net