• The Communications Pyramid: This video describes the building blocks a child needs to develop effective language, social interaction and speech skills.
  • Development Language Disorder (DLD): Find out more about DLD, a hidden disability that makes it difficult for a child to speak and understand language.
  • Attention Hillingdon: Attention Hillingdon is a group for children with Autism that helps to develop attention and listening skills.
  • TEACCH: TEACCH is a set of principles and techniques used to support children with Autism.
  • Now and Next visual boards: Visual supports can help prepare your child for changes and to build structure into their day.
  • 'I am working for...' boards: These visual boards can be used to offer a reward to a child for completing steps in an activity.
  • Signalong: Signalong is used to sign key words whilst talking at the same time to support a children in understanding and using spoken language. Visit the Signalong website for more information.
  • Colourful Semantics: Colour Semantics is an approach that supports children to learn new words, grammar sentences and understanding questions using colour.
  • Lego Therapy is a group based intervention that allows the children to develop and practise many different skills such as attention and listening, social skills and language skills.
  • Stammering: describes how to support a child who stammers or stutters.

Communication station

A set of videos created by the Wiltshire Speech and Language Therapy Service gives tips and ideas on how to support a child to develop their speech, language and communication skills. They have videos covering the following areas:

These videos can be accessed on their website.

Contact details:

Address: Central Referral and Messaging Service. Lines are open Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays) 8.30am-4.30pm
Phone: 01895 488200

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