Referral to the Early Years Team

Anyone concerned about a child’s speech and language development should use the questions on the referral form to see if they should make a referral. Referrals are only accepted with parental consent and if the child has a moderate or severe speech, language and communication difficulty.

You can also visit Talking Point which can help you to decide if your child might need speech and language therapy.

All referrals must be made via the Central Referral and Messaging Service using the form.

Referral form

Contact details:

Address: Central Referral and Messaging Service. Lines are open Monday - Friday (excluding bank holidays) 8.30am-4.30pm
Phone: 01895 488 200

Tell us, we're listening

  • If you would like to give feedback about the Speech and Language Therapy Service, please visit our feedback page or call Patient Support Services on 0300 0134799.

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