First appointment

First appointment sessions following a referral for children and young people attending a Hillingdon mainstream state school

Getting advice from a Speech and Language Therapist before making a referral.

Please note, parents/carers/professionals can get advice from the Speech and Language Therapy Service without needing to make a referral in the first instance.

It is recommended that parent’s first call the advice line (01895 488 200) to get advice from a speech and language therapist and help decide next steps.

Following a referral

It is recommended that school staff first get advice from their link speech and language therapist or call the advice line to help decide next steps.

If following advice a referral into the service is needed children attending a Hillingdon mainstream state school will be assessed at school within six weeks of the referral being received by the service.

Parents do not need to attend the assessment but you will be sent a letter informing you of when the speech and language therapist is due to visit your child at school.

The therapist will contact you after the session to give feedback on the assessment, ask you questions about your child’s communication at home, answer any questions you might have, listen to any concerns and offer advice and signposting as needed. This will be done over the phone or in a meeting at school.

Sometimes when a referral is received, parents will be offered a parent only drop in appointment to discuss the concerns and to agree next steps.

How will my child be assessed?

The therapist will assess your child using the following methods:

  • Observing your child in a lesson or the playground
  • Talking to school staff
  • Talking to you as the parent
  • Working with your child.

Initial assessment report

After the assessment, the speech and language therapist will write a report. This report will contain the following information:

  • Background information
  • Summary of speech, language and communication strength and needs
  • Strategies that will help your child at school and at home
  • Future speech and language therapy recommendation and their care plan. 

This report will be sent to:

  • You, the parents
  • Your GP
  • The person who referred your child to the team
  • Your child's school

The report will be part of your child’s clinical records which can be seen by other health professionals.

Contact details:

Address: Children’s Integrated Therapy Service (CITS) Lines are open Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) 9am to 5pm
Phone: 01895 488 200

Tell us, we're listening

  • If you would like to give feedback about the Speech and Language Therapy Service, please visit our feedback page or call Patient Support Services on 0300 0134799.