Therapy sessions

Therapy sessions at the Mainstream School Service.

Therapy sessions for children and young people attending a Hillingdon mainstream state school

If your child attends a mainstream state school in Hillingdon, their therapy sessions will take place in school and you do not need to attend. You are welcome to contact the therapist and observe a session once every term or you can arrange an appointment to meet the therapist and talk about how the sessions are going.

The therapy sessions are designed to empower school staff to support your child’s speech, language and communication needs throughout the school day.

Direct therapy sessions with your child may be used to:

  • Model interventions and strategies for school staff. This is so that school staff can continue to run intervention sessions between therapist’s visits and use strategies in the classroom. These sessions may be individual or as part of a group
  • Review and re-assess their speech, language and communication needs.

We also hold indirect therapy sessions with school staff parents, carers and other professionals. This is so that everyone working with your child understands their needs and has strategies to support them across the school day.

Examples of indirect sessions might include:

  • Jointly setting and reviewing care plans and targets with school staff, parents and carers
  • Training school staff on classroom strategies that can be used to support a range of children and young people
  • Attending a multi-professional meeting to discuss your child’s needs, for example,. annual review meeting and team around the child/family meeting
  • Meeting with parents or carers in school.

How will I know what is happening in my child/young person's speech and language therapy sessions at school

Your school’s link speech and language therapist will send you a care plan each term to inform you about your child’s therapy. You will also receive a copy of any reports about your child.

You are welcome to contact the therapist if you would like to meet with them in school, talk with them on the phone or observe a session. In addition, where possible, the therapist will try to contact you every term to keep you updated and to answer any questions that you might have.

If you want to speak to your child’s speech and language therapist with any questions or concerns, or to update us on any issues, you can contact the CITS advice on 01895 488200 or email and the therapist will get back to you as soon as they can.

Therapy sessions for children and young people who are not attending a Hillingdon mainstream state school

If your child attends a private school or attends an out-of-borough school and does not have a Statement of Special Educational Needs/Education, Health and Care Plan or is being home educated then you will be offered follow-up review sessions each term in the community clinic or at a health centre.

At these sessions, the speech and language therapist will review your child’s speech, language and communication needs and update the care plan or advise you and the school.

How can I support my child/young person's speech, language and communication skills?

You can support your child/young person’s speech, language and communication skills at home. The service has a range of advice sheets and strategy sheets which you can use, as well as a list of useful websites and local support groups.

There is also lots of advice for schools and you can signpost your child’s teacher to look at these too.

Link to useful websites and support groups

Contact details:

Address: Children’s Integrated Therapy Service (CITS) Lines are open Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays) 9am to 5pm
Phone: 01895 488 200

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