There is no single definition for quality improvement.  It can be some or all of:

  • A systematic approach to improving quality of services;
  • A methodology which teams can use to provide structure and a consistent approach to their improvement work;

Key elements are:

  • A structured approach;
  • A shared methodology;
  • A framework that allows teams to work in a consistent way;
  • A feedback look that allows teams to learn in real time, or as close to real time as possible;
  • All of which help teams to bring about changes that result in better outcomes for patients and staff.

Quality Improvement (QI) approaches encourage teams to see their activity as part of a wider system.  By understanding how your system works and the processes that make up this system, you can explore ways to work smarter, and achieve better outcomes.

There are several models or methodologies that can support QI.  At CNWL we have worked with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement to develop our approach to QI.  Our structured, shared framework that provides a consistent way for us to work is known as the Model for Improvement shown here:

Model for improvement

If you are considering starting a QI Project please contact the QI Team. Click here for a larger image of the Model for Improvment that you can download or print.