Our aim is that our structured programmes will contribute to the development of a culture of continuous quality improvement within CNWL, where staff at all levels have the confidence to highlight areas for improvement and then have the skills, knowledge and support to be able to implement improvements. Central to this work is service user and carer involvement in all our improvement work.

The Academy’s improvement work, including quality improvement (QI), is grounded in science, it incorporates data collection, clinical science and system theory. It ensures the quality of healthcare in CNWL continues to improve and evolve.


Our Vision

To develop a workforce with the knowledge, skills and confidence to continually strive for safety, improvement and excellence throughout the organisation.

Our Strategic Goals 

  • To improve year on year the safety of our organisation for patients, visitors and staff and the outcomes for our patients and service users.
  • To improve year on year the experience of our patients and service users and involve them in our improvement work.
  • To further develop a highly skilled, motivated and engaged workforce which continually strives to improve patient care and Trust performance.
  • To link our core programmes to strategic priority areas for the Trust.