CNWL International

We are specialists in community-based physical and mental healthcare and a member of the world-renowned NHS family.

Whether the Trust is providing services to patients in the UK or to customers overseas, providing high quality services that meet the particular needs of those who use them is our number one priority. 

We aim to employ only the best people and CNWL experts have been called upon to contribute to national and international health strategy and policy (with many models of our care being adapted for use in other countries). 

Our services internationally

Globe to represent the work that CNWL does internationally

CNWL engages with many organisations around the world (including the UN and WHO), and areas ranging from the Middle East (UAE, Kuwait), Africa (where we have a permanent link with Tanzania), and Asia (including China and India). 

We engage with local people to really understand the local context and actively involve them in ways that make a real difference to the services they receive.

CNWL also has a long history of working with staff and students from overseas, for whom English is not the primary language. In our home market we operate in a culturally diverse population (with over 100 different first languages spoken), and to support this we developed an in-house interpreting service. We are well placed to meet not only language requirements but also to understand different cultural issues.

A few examples of our international work are listed below which demonstrate the scope and breadth of our engagement with overseas customers:


We run training and clinical observation programmes for senior doctors and nurses ranging from two weeks to three months, and engage in policy development work covering integrated health and social care with various partners across the country. Below is a recent picture from a Chinese delegation visit for the last China Observers Presentation.

Chinese Delegation Visit July 2016

Chinese Delegation Visit July 2016








We are engaged in scoping work as part of the wider Indo-UK Medi-City collaboration to set up 11 healthcare and education sites across India, and have specifically advised on addictions services in Punjab as part of the project. Claire Murdoch, Chief Executive of CNWL, speaks about the importance of delivering effective mental health care. Read more CNWL's International's mental healthcare work here (opens in new tab).

There is a demand in India for better access to safe, effective and affordable healthcare as both incomes and popular expectations rise. Dr Pramod Prabhakan at CNWL spoke to Sarah Cartledge about the rapid expansion of healthcare in India. Read what Dr Prabhakan said here (opens in new tab)

Sri Lanka

Our Learning Disability Service has worked with mental health services in Sri Lanka to develop a training programme for doctors. The country’s 25 years of conflict and the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami, have led to serious, widespread mental health issues, including some of the highest suicide rates in the world. It is anticipated that the doctors trained will be inspired to pass on their knowledge to other healthcare professionals at other institutions.

Africa (Tanzania Link programme)

Staff from the Tanzania Link

Staff from the Tanzania Link

In 2010, CNWL established a link with Mirembe Hospital and Nursing School in Dodoma, Tanzania. The link is a mental health partnership which encourages two way learning, supports capacity building and enhances professional development in both organisations. 

Priorities and improvements for the link have included:

  • Therapeutic management of violence and aggression and breakaway training
  • IT development
  • Support for the opening of a new substance misuse centre at the hospital
  • Developing occupational therapy.

 Work with other international organisations

Brent nurse in Swaziland on HIV Prevention Mission

Brent nurse in Swaziland on HIV Prevention Mission

A number of staff from CNWL have worked with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Projects include:

  • Relapse prevention training both on the methadone treatment programmes and prison services in Mauritius
  • Psychological intervention training and the setting up of a methadone maintenance programme (MMP)
  • A two-year masters training programme with over 10 African countries and South East Asian countries such as Vietnam
  • Capacity building development programmes for countries such as Seychelles, Ethiopia, Cape Verde and Madagascar, and assistance in writing bids for Global Aids Funds
  • Masters training sessions in Serbia for South Eastern European countries including Bosnia, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia.


Find out more about our international work: 


Contact us

For further information about how CNWL can help on an international basis and build in-country capacity and expertise, please contact our international clinical lead: Dr Pramod Prabhakaran
Tel: +44 (0) 20 3214 5700
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