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CNWL and the Lammy Review

11 September 2017

On Friday 8 September, David Lammy MP published his review about the treatment and outcomes for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people in the criminal justice system.

Dr Celia Sadie, Lead Clinical Psychologist at HMYOI Cookham Wood and Medway STC was asked to contribute to the Review, tackling issues of racism and implicit bias operating in youth custody settings and examining young people's experiences of access to mental health support in that context. Collaborating with her colleague Javel Watt, Service User Representative at the time, Dr Sadie worked with other YOIs, STCs and secure children's homes, and groups of BAME young people at Cookham Wood, to respond to Lammy's inquiry.

'We were honoured to be asked,' said Dr Sadie. 'Mr Lammy has put his finger on the key issues. The trust deficit for young people in this system, who are dealing with overt and covert racism embedded in our society, and policymakers' 'collective forgetting' around this issue, threaten to undermine much of the good work that can be done in supporting and rehabilitating young people. We are completely committed to challenging racist biases and finding meaningful ways to reach out to young people from all communities. Working with our service user reps, we have a unique opportunity to engage with young people in custody and understand and provide what they need at this crucial moment in their lives'.

Dr Sadie and the service user initiative her team developed, is currently working with Professor Annie Bartlett, formerly Clinical Director of Offender Care in CNWL, to take this research further.

The review can be read here: 

And a summarised version here: