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CNWL launch Community Health Services Strategy

18 July 2019

CNWL launch our Community Health Services Strategy today (Thursday 18 July 2019).

The Trust has been providing community services since 2011 and has accumulated extensive experience in the field with almost 70 per cent of patients now seen in community and sexual health services. It’s dedicated workforce offer services for the body and mind and from the beginnings of life to its end; for adults and children with long term conditions and disabilities.

Maria O’Brien, CNWL’s Board Director for Community Services and newly appointed Chief Nurse, said 

“These are a really important services; they are the glue that holds the NHS together.

“It’s the one area of the NHS where we don’t really have a strategy of its own and that is why we think it is incredibly important that we do this in the Trust.

“The strategy is here for us to develop new ways of working with our partners, with our GPs. It talks about how we develop careers for people within our fantastic services.

The strategy includes 14 key commitments which the Trust will continue to develop together with staff, patients, carers and partners over the next five years.

Watch a short interview with Maria about the strategy. If the video below does not load, use this link.

This is an opportune time to develop this strategy because:

  • There is greater priority placed on Community Services within STPs and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) including the role of Community Health services in driving transformational change.
  • The Trust is well positioned, as a major provider of these services, to lead and influence these changes but needs to be able to proactively respond to these opportunities.
  • There is now a critical mass of Community Services in the Trust. By providing a balanced focus across our portfolio, we will be better placed to achieve the full benefits of mental and physical health integration. There are still further benefits for our patients and the Trust to realise through delivering both Community and Mental Health Services
  • There is a need for divisional and local managers to have an understanding of the strategy to empower them to engage more effectively in systems development
  • With the publication of the Long Term Plan, there is an increasing focus on these services with a “new guarantee that over the next five years, investment in primary medical and Community Services will grow faster than the overall NHS budget.

Maria continued “I along with a number of colleagues will be coming out to services and talking to you about the strategy.  We really want your views about how we can turn this into something real on the ground to improve care for patients“

Download a copy of the strategy online.

You can find out more and share your views at a series of Q&A sessions with staff on the dates below. 

We will also be holding events in September too and a dedicated Community Services Week at the end of September – more on this soon.