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CNWL working with Journey of Hope

5 September 2017

CNWL is working with this new organisation, funded by Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea (RBKC) about reducing suicide, called Journey of Hope (JOH)

JOH is a new Community Interest Company, set up to reduce the number of people who take their own life through suicide by implementing a new way of delivering evidence based non-medical interventions. JOH wants to build resilience in individuals and in peer networks, among people who have reached a place of despair. A life saved from a suicide attempt is still a life in danger, the person’s circumstances have not changed, and many people return to a life without adequate support networks. In seeking to change this, our work is founded on these values:

  • People are best placed to look after their own health and wellbeing
  • People can learn how to manage their health and wellbeing better
  • People learn well from others with similar experiences
  • Social networks provide a long-term source of support and can help manage crises in the future.

JOH has arisen from talking to people affected by suicide, and asking what would help. Having the time to talk, having access to support when it is needed, being with people who understand and being occupied in activities that help wellbeing have all been suggested as important, but often missing.  The innovation in JOH comes from the integration of social and medical models to reach people in despair and to prevent suicide.

The organisation works alongside NHS Trusts to improve the A&E experience for patients, carers, and staff by having access to trained volunteers. JOH wants to see an improvement in recovery rates for people in crisis and reduction in relapse, by providing non-medical treatments including mindfulness, yoga, walks and exercise classes, practical support, and a safe place to be, based on the five ways to well-being (be active, connect, give, keep learning and take notice).

We have and will continue to work alongside the team at St Mary's, but we have also been invited to work with people affected by the Grenfell fire.

JOH at Grenfell  wants to provide support for people affected by suicidal thoughts that will reduce vulnerability and provide people with the resilience to survive a crisis. We want to address the potential feelings of fear, loneliness and isolation of people affected by the Grenfell fire. They will be providing access to staff, volunteers and an ongoing network of other people who understand what it is like to experience suicidal thoughts following a crisis.

For more information about Journey of Hope, visit the JOH website.