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CNWL’s annual Therapies Conference a success

The second annual CNWL Therapies Conference was attended by over 150 therapists at the Indian YMCA on Thursday 4 July 2019.

The theme for this year was ‘learning from each other: enquiry and reflection’.

The conference was an opportunity for therapists to learn about the latest reflective practice models, network and take part in workshops.

“We are primarily thinking about reflective practice in a whole host of ways” said Ryan Kemp, CNWL Director of Therapies.

Reflective practice means to think about and feel our professional experiences and learn from them.

 ‘Reflective models’ identify the different ways to engage in reflective practice in a rigorous manner.

Andy Mattin, CNWL Director of Nursing and Quality opened the conference talking about the CNWL therapy model and thanking our therapists for their continuous hard work:

“Proper structure and leadership for therapists and allied health professions is important. Ryan and I have participated in national events and research to identify what works best and we have identified the right model in having a Director of Therapies and heads of profession for the AHP staff.

I would like to thank our 1400 therapists for the great work they’ve been doing – making about 20% of our total workforce.”

There were four main talks on reflective practice and models, including guest speaker Dr Gearoid Fitzgerald from the Balint Society who explained how the Balint Group can help therapists understand and cope with the emotional side of clinical relationships.



Staff also took part in one of four workshops and there were also opportunities to network and share learning during coffee breaks including poster tours of some of the latest research happening at CNWL.



The conference was a success with therapists, here is what one therapist said:

Incoming Chief Nurse, Maria O’Brien said: “I was really impressed with the energy and motivation of the staff on the day, all really keen to learn and share their experiences”.

Download the full program including speaker profiles (opens PDF)