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Compliments for May

May 18 2017

"The good thing about being in Communications is that you get to see – often quite randomly - some of the great things patients say. So from across the whole of the Trust – from Surrey sexual health, Margaret Pyke and Mortimer Market, to Milton Keynes, Hillingdon, Camden and K&C, these compliments have come in. Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to write in and well done to the staff they were about."

MIKE Waddington, Communications Director

4 May: Hillside Primary Care Centre, Harlesden, Sexual Health

I had seen a nurse regarding an intimate issue; I found the experience very calming as most of the tests required I did myself. Due to the issue I was experiencing I felt it better I did it myself. The Nurse was very helpful and informative. New experience and I left more confident.

5 May : ARCH - Addictions Recovery Community Hillingdon

I was looked after extremely well, very happy . Well done for helping me with my journey.

5 May: Camden Integrated Primary Care - Belsize Priory

Complex Care Mental Health Nurse was asked to pass on thanks and gratitude from a patient's husband and family for correctly assessing and picking up on this lady’s severe clinical depression and directing towards the right service for treatment and support. The husband felt this was missed in the hospital and over looked by medical staff, the depression was being masked by aggression and anger towards staff in the community and he is very impressed you were able to see through this which led to accurate diagnosis and treatment. As a result she is now doing much better and he is so grateful that you visited and picked up on her needs.

5 May: St Charles - Pharmacy

The service user attended Park Royal centre for health and asked to speak with Medicines optimisation technician, he thanked her for all her help with his clozapine, he had been away and the technician had updated (the system) with his blood results from abroad which meant he was still able to go away and visit his family and prevented a break in his clozapine treatment. He thanked her for always being helpful whenever he has any queries about his clozapine.

9 May: Milton Keynes - Mental Health Specialist Therapies Team.

Thanked for the excellent psychological treatment, which she found very helpful.

9 May : Sexual Health Psychology; Assessment and Treatment Service

THANK YOU SO MUCH for helping me in all this. THANK YOU AGAIN SO MUCH!!! You are the only Psychologist I have had!!! BUT!!! DEFO THE BEST!! as not once have you failed to accomplish or go ABOVE what we had spoken during or session. I really feel like Mortimer Market will lose an AWESOME professional if they ever let you go. over the last year I do not know what I would have done without you, and you have helped and guided me though such difficult times that others turned their back on me. You have been the only person that has even tried to understand and comprehend my issues and find long term resolution to resolve them. THANK YOU SO MUCH for EVERYTHING and just for being there! just wish someday I was the boss on NHS as ALL you guys would have an extra 00 added to your annual wage slips just for the awesome jobs you do!

10 May: Hillingdon Diabetes Team

Patient A rang in to say she received my progress notes and she was not happy with them as she had mentioned in passing about cheese and she did not think I needed to write it down.

10 May: Hillingdon Community Cardiac Team

Telephone conversation with patient and patient’s daughter who has moved out of area. They thanked me for the care that i had given her over the last few years and said this was high standard care. I thanked them for their positive comments.

10 May: Margaret Pyke Centre

All 3 staff made me feel at ease and talked to me and distract me and did. Thank you very much for this.

11 May: Mortimer Market Centre - Bloomsbury Clinic

Thank you for all your help!! It's reassuring to know good people are still in this world.

11 May: Margaret Pyke Centre

Kind, compassionate, wonderful NHS. Thank you so much for everything. An unpleasant procedure (coil insertion) made the least unpleasant possible by a lovely doctor and nurse and trainee visiting GP.

11 May: Margaret Pyke Centre

Excellent service. The doctor (female) who fitted my coil was excellent. It was a pain free process. I'm very impressed by the service I've received.

12 May: Hillingdon CARS and HCIL team

Mrs Xxxxx complimented and thanked your input with the following comment “Anna is a credit to your section. Anna is an excellent therapist, very helpful and patient. She was very reassuring and comforting and I cannot give enough praise”

15 May: Milton Keynes - Community Services

My daughter has been treated by the most wonderful lady Patricia within your Dermatology team in Milton Keynes over the last few months. My daughter was 11 when treatment started and Patricia has always shown her patience, support and understanding throughout the whole process. She set her at ease and always included her when explaining what she was doing and advice for after care. My daughter's warts have now gone which has made her extremely happy and this is all down to this lovely lady. We were a little sad today that we will no longer need to visit her. She is a credit to your team.
I would also like to add that the lady who makes the appointments has also always been very kind in trying to arrange out of school hour appointments which has helped us a great deal. You have a great team.

15 May: Hillingdon Memory Service

During a phone call to the client in order to feedback her results from her recent Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) review appointment, the client reported that she believes that she "did very well (on the ACE-III) because of (my) good approach". She also reported that "it would be difficult to concentrate during the memory test if you were not so friendly" and thanked me for the way I conducted the appointment.

15 May: Camden Neurology and Stroke team

Cousin and NOK of client wanted to thank team who look after xx as she has noticed such an improvement in not only his abilities but also his mood.

16 May: Hillside Primary Care Centre; Sexual Health Services

This is a nice Medical Centre. The staff are nice and helpful but care coordinator was kind, professional and very efficient, she was outstanding and deserves all support and rewards.

16 May: Camden Integrated Primary Care - Hunter Street

'The team this morning were fantastic! You guys restore my faith in the NHS!'

16 May: Milton Keynes - Mental Health MK Specialist Therapies Team

X brought in a thank you card and shortbread (which was shared with the team) the card read, "To Shona, Thank you for all your advice in helping me overcome my battle with depression. Introducing me to the Perfect Nurturer to me has been the most beneficial. I understand the 'other side of the elephant' and how to view unpleasant memories differently. Thus, easing the pain and distress they cause me. I am forever grateful. "

16 May: Milton Keynes - Mental Health Specialist Therapies Team

I would like to say a really big thank you over the last year you have been amazing. You always listen and understand. You will be missed very much.

Thank you.

16 May: Hillingdon CARS and HCIL team

Patient gave a box of chocolates and thank you card to physiotherapist.

“Thank you for all of your time, patience and effort while working as my physiotherapist. I am very grateful and will continue to use my progress as a basis to build on. It has been lovely getting to know you and I wish you all the best for the future. "

16 May: Mortimer Market Centre

I just wanted to write to you to let you know that the receptionist was superb in the dealing with a distressed vulnerable patient last Thursday. She walked into the clinic and sought help; he prioritised her and brought her over to my room (for her privacy and also not to upset other patients). We have now managed to help this patient and I believe it will have a massively positive impact on her life. Well done amazing team.

17 May: Surrey Sexual Health Services

I would like to give some feedback on my recent visit to this clinic. I showed up this morning expecting a walk in clinic so I could talk to someone about having a coil fitted. I was told at reception it was not that type of walk in and that the walk in was only in the afternoon, however the board outside does not specify this and is in fact stating that the walk in is running all day. I would think this needs changing as it will cause much confusion as it did with me.

However, this has not been a negative visit. The two ladies on reception, I did not catch their names unfortunately, were incredibly polite and professional about the entire thing. I was explained to about the change of clinic and they even went as far as to saying they could book me in on the last available morning slot. One of the ladies upon hearing where I had driven from, Lingfield so at least a 35 minute drive away, went straight to one of the doctors and asked if I could be fitted in. I had an answer within minutes and it was a positive one. I was given my form to fill in and within 15 minutes I was in the consultation room. She was empathetic, understanding, polite, and positively fantastic throughout my visit to the clinic. Asked all the right questions and listened to every answer I gave. An amazing woman and someone I was very glad to be seen by. She managed to fit my coil there and then, even with my strange anatomy causing some resistance.

I truly hope you pass this message on as they completely deserve the praise that I feel the NHS does not sometimes receive. I have been trying to sort out my medical issues for 9 months now, and in the space of an hour I have found new hope to continue to put my trust in these professionals.