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Essential work taking place at St Pancras; disruption will be minimised for patient services

12 April 2018

On Monday 16 April 2018, essential electrical work is due to start at St Pancras Hospital and South Wing, where CNWL services are based, will be affected.

Patients from Rochester East and Rochester West wards will be moved from bay to bay or around the existing wards to be able to complete the essential estates work at the hospital for up to three days and some new admissions at that time may be affected for a day or so.

The overall work will be completed in the week beginning 30 April 2018.

We are sorry about the disruption and will be making sure the moves happen smoothly. More information will be given to patients and families and anyone can speak to the ward managers or Carole Walters, Operational Manager at St Pancras Rehabilitation Unit, on 07701 397 206 – please ask if you have any concerns.


There will be a generator in place so no whole-building shut down is necessary, and lifts and fire alarms will work throughout.

  • Patient in Rochester West would move on Wednesday 18 April with the works taking place on Thursday 19 April, and  patients moving back on Friday 20 April
  • Patients in Rochester East would move on Sunday 20 April, with works taking place on Monday 21 April, and patients moving back on Tuesday 22 April
  • Patients in Evergreen would move on Wednesday 23 April, with works on Thursday 24 April, and patients moving back on Friday 25 April.
  • For staff in non-ward areas:
    • Extension cabling will be provided to run computers, and network points will remain up, but there will not be normal lighting or other amenities (such as electric heaters, toasters, kettles and so on). There is capacity for staff to work elsewhere in the building, if preferred.
    • The fifth floor staff area will be affected next week, with the East side (Palliative Care, Infection Control and admin) on Tuesday 17 April and Wednesday 18 April, and the West side (CNWL pharmacy, UCL researchers and other office space) on Friday 20 April. During this time period the fifth floor toilets will be out of action for part of the time due to electric sensor flushes and taps. There will be access to the locker space, and the kitchen is not affected
    • First floor (Stroke and Neuro, executive offices) will be affected the following week on Tuesday 24 April, Wednesday 25 April and Friday 27 April
    • The ground floor (apart from Occupational Health) will need one day of work in the week beginning 30 April. We are checking which day(s) would have the least impact.