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Forced Migration Trauma Service renamed Woodfield Trauma Service

CNWL’s Forced Migration Trauma Service has a new name; Woodfield Trauma Service.

We’ve decided to change the name following feedback from service users, referrers, commissioners, primary and secondary mental health services and GPs who refer patients to the service. The service remit and treatment pathway remain unchanged and we continue to provide high quality stepped care for refugees and asylum seekers presenting with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to adult trauma.

Millay Vann, a social worker/therapist at the service, said: “English is not the first language for many people who use our service so they often associate ‘forced migration’ with ‘immigration’ and this has made some service users’ contact with the service an anxious experience.

“The change in the name will make it more inviting for people who use the service so they get the help and support they need.”

The service will also continue to offer assessment, psycho-education, stabilisation, group skills workshops, practical advice and support, Behavioural Activation, and evidenced-based trauma-focused Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy.

Visit the Woodfield Trauma Service page