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Frankly speaking: Sex and MS

13 February 2018

Research suggests that sexual problems affect more than half of people with MS, but starting a conversation about them with a health professional can often feel daunting.

Lesley Catterall and Denise Middleton, two MS specialists (from CNWL) with an interest in the sexual problems associated with MS, answer your questions

“We got involved in this project through the MS Trust.  We have always been proactive in ensuring we discuss sexual difficulties with our patients as this is a hidden and often embarrassing symptom for people to open up and talk about with health professionals.  We have developed innovative ways in educating our patients which we have shared with other MS Clinical Specialist nationally as an example of good practice.  As a result of this we were involved in developing a guide for healthcare professionals on MS Sex and Sexuality.  This led to us being asked to teach at the MS Trust Development Module for new in post MS Clinical Specialists on MS, Sex and Sexuality. 

Gemma Leigh was new in post as Information Content Development Officer  for the MS Trust and attended the Development Module.  She said that she really enjoyed the session we did and thought it would make a good topic for the Open Door magazine “Ask the expert” and asked if we would be happy to answer some patient questions on MS and Sex………. next thing we knew we were being video interviewed!!”

The videos are now live here :-

The MS Trust are running them individually over the week on Facebook. 

They have also written the recording up as an article and it is in this month’s edition of “Open Door”.