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Graeme Caul is our new Divisional Director for Diggory

Thursday 23 February 2017

Graeme Caul has been appointed the new Divisional Director for Diggory, which covers mental health and community services in Milton Keynes, CNWL’s sexual health services, addictions and offender care.

He is currently Community Services Director for CNWL’s Camden and Hillingdon Services.

He will start in the spring and his appointment came from a competitive process with strong external candidates; the appointing panel included patients and carers.

Graeme, 39, lives in Camden and married in December 2016.

He’s worked at CNWL since 2010 and is passionate about NHS and CNWL.

With over 2,000 followers on Twitter he’s a good communicator and says he enjoys, “Eating out (too much)” and loves the theatre and holidays.

“I’m very proud to have worked in my local health economy for all these years so I am a bit sad to leave them.

“But really excited about Milton Keynes; the services are can-do and a superb asset to the local community. Can't wait to find out more.

“I used to work with Sexual Health so I’m really looking forward to working with that outstanding team again.

“I’ve spent time with Dr Alam, Dr Patel and team and can see we do outstanding work in offfender care and addictions. Really looking forward to learning more and seeing the services in action.”

Robyn Doran, Chief Operating Officer, said, “Graeme was the best candidate in a very strong field. He was realistic and enthusiastic about the challenges and had the powerful recommender of having done a brilliant job in Camden, Kensington Chelsea, Westminster and Hillingdon. Congratulations Graeme. He will start his new role sometime in early spring”