Changes to the way that people with learning disabilities will access local health services in Harrow

The local organisation responsible for commissioning health services in Harrow, Harrow Clinical Commissioning Group, is committed to the principle that people with learning disabilities should have the same access to health care as any other member of the community. They should only need to access specialist learning disability services when their needs are very complex or their degree of learning disability is such that specialist services are required.

Broadly speaking, this means that in future people with a mild learning disability will automatically access mainstream services. Those with a moderate to profound learning disability will continue to access the Harrow Learning Disability Community Health Team.

In order to achieve this, we are transferring the care of people with mild learning disabilities to mainstream health services. We will be providing relevant training for mainstream health staff in psychological and mental health services and primary and hospital care so that they have the necessary skills to care for people with mild learning disabilities. Learning disability professionals will continue to provide advice and support to mainstream services during these changes.

We understand that local learning disabilities groups may have questions or need more information about what is happening. If you would like one of our team to attend a group meeting in August or September and explain in more detail, please contact:

Jonathan Shaw
Service Development Manager, Learning Disabilities Service

Tel: 020 8238 0900