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Honorary professorship for Ryan

9 January 2019

Dr Ryan Kemp (pictured on the left), CNWL’s Director of Therapies, has been made Honorary Clinical Professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Health and Life Sciences at Brunel University London.

The honour goes to Ryan for the work he has done supporting the Academic Centre for Health Sciences.

Ryan said, “I am really honoured to be given this prestigious title and to be able to work with colleagues at Brunel. In the long-term the partnership we are forging between CNWL, Brunel and the Hillingdon Hospital will be of great value to staff and patients. Hopefully we will be able to see research and healthcare technology development as everyday practice very soon.”

The Academic Centre for Health Sciences is a partnership between Brunel University London, Hillingdon Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and CNWL.

The new Centre, funded by the three partners, aims to revolutionise the way health and social care is delivered to meet the changing needs of society.

The Centre will bring about this transformation in Hillingdon by providing the perfect setting for research and developing new methods of healthcare delivery across allied health, nursing, social care and medicine.

Five distinct areas of focus have been identified to drive the activity of the Centre:

  • Research and innovation
  • Educating the workforce
  • Outcomes-based care
  • Quality improvement
  • Digital health.

Acting as a gateway to the wider university, the Centre will also enable translational research across health, social sciences, engineering and other faculties.

The Director of Therapy post oversees the management of therapies across CNWL. Ryan aims to make CNWL an employer of choice for all Allied Health Professionals, psychologists and psychotherapists.