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Information about medicines: What resources are available

22 January 2018

We know that lots of patients say they aren't provided with sufficient information about their medication in formats they can understand. We are working with our staff to make sure people get the information they need.

All of our patients who are prescribed medication should be given information about it. It should be offered in verbal and written formats so that people have the chance to ask any questions, and can refer to the information afterwards.

We have a range of resources with information about medicines available to help staff and people using our services:

  • Choice and Medication is a website with a range of leaflets on mental health medicines and conditions in a variety of formats including different languages, large or basic print. Visit the Choice and Medication website
  • NHS Choices offers information guides about conditions and the questions to ask about different medicines. Visit the ‘Making sense of your medicines’ page on NHS Choices
  • provides leaflets for many medicines providing the most important information in a patient-friendly way. Visit the website
  • Our Medicines Helpline is available to all CNWL patients who have questions about their medicines. It can be accessed Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, on 020 8206 7270 or you can email:
  • Patient information leaflets (PILs) from the manufacturers are available from These can be long and contain lots of complex information. Pharmacy staff are legally obliged to provide these with all medicines
  • For staff: The MaPPs® portal provides very brief information on medicines and can be used to provide reminder charts to help patients remember to take their medicines. CNWL staff can access the portal and download a user guide from our staff intranet (Trustnet).