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Jane Taylor wins Hidden Gem Award

April 4 2017

Jane Taylor, an Acting Service Manager Specialist for Children and Young Adolescents (CAMHS) in Milton Keynes, has won a Hidden Gem Award. 

Jane Taylor, Hidden Gem Winner

Jane Taylor, Hidden Gem Winner

Jane is responsible for the operational and strategic management of specialist CAMHS and lifespan eating disorder service. She has worked in Milton Keynes for the last 15 years, has been a team manager for CAMHS for the past 2 years and currently services as an Acting Service Manager.

Jane has been described as supportive, compassionate and understanding by her colleagues.

One colleague explains how Jane helped through a very difficult period in their life: “Jane supported me from the start and continues to with personal and professional issues. One of the most important things she did for me was making me believe that I am a still a capable and skilled member of the team.”

Another colleague describes the support given by Jane after they faced a set-back in their career: “I was very disappointed and demotivated until I spoke to Jane. She made the effort to set aside time to talk with me. She showed compassion and understanding of how I must be feeling.

After talking with Jane, I felt empowered and respected as a member of the team and I decided to nominate her for this award (Hidden Gem Award) as she is so deserving of recognition for all the dedicated services she offers to her staff.”

Jane had this to say about her award: “I was very surprised when I was presented with this award. I thought it was for someone else! It was made that more special for me as it was on the back of two nominations from my front life staff. I have never been acknowledged in this way and it did make me feel very proud”