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Let's bring our professionals back to the NHS

13 March 2018

Have you ever heard about professionals like OTs or Physiotherapists who qualified and perhaps never practiced? Or of someone who took time off to start a family and would like to get their professional life back on track.

Today (13 March) at an Health Education England AHP forum, Paul Chapman outlined a process to support these “lost professionals” back into the NHS. In essence if you have ever been registered by the HCPC, getting back on the register is relatively easy, if a Trust like CNWL provides support. It often requires an amount of self-study and/or structured training coupled with a period of clinical experience. The amount of time required depends on how long the person has been off the register. Often it is just a question of confidence, not even of actual registration, but the same process can apply.

So, if you know anyone who wants to return to professional work in the NHS, please get in contact with me as CNWL is very interested to being part of this trend. Let’s bring our professionals back to the NHS.

Ryan Kemp

CNWL Director of Therapies

If you would like to contact Ryan you can email him at