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LGBT+ article published in Royal College of Psychiatrist newsletter

13 September 2017

The latest issue of the Royal College of Psychiatrist (RCPsych) newsletter features an article by Peter Smith, CNWL's Programme Manager for Improvement Support Service who speaks about the ways we can make our services LGBT+ friendly.

Peter speaks about how communication is key:

"Listen to how someone talks about themselves. People tell you how they refer to themselves as they talk; often all you have to do is listen to the words they use about themselves. For example, a transgender person who is within their transgendering journey may wish to be known by a name that is of their trans gender rather than their gender at birth, even though medical records may have their name at birth recorded. It would be important to record this in the medical records and use the appropriate name and pronouns for that person."

And he mentions the importance of creating the right environment:

"Images paint a thousand words. Seeing recognisably ‘LGBT+ friendly’ posters and images around a clinical space can be very reassuring for LGBT+ people. At CNWL our inpatients have certainly said that seeing Stonewall posters on the walls can immediately decrease anxiety levels; it is the same as shops that put a rainbow flag on the front door. You may have to buy a supply of the same posters; even now they get torn down and need to be replaced."

Peter mentions many more interesting points in the full article. To read it, download the newsletter (opens PDF).