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Medway STC - Disciplinary investigation completed and suspended staff member cleared of all fault or blame.

In response to a query from the BBC we can confirm that our disciplinary investigation is completed and suspended staff member is cleared of all fault or blame.

Claire Murdoch, Chief Executive, said: "We suspended a staff member at Medway STC as he was present whilst a restraint by G4S staff was in progress, and this was broadcast in the Panorama programme (on Monday 11 January).

"At no stage was this staff member involved in the actual restraint; no healthcare staff at Medway STC are ever part of them; only officers employed by G4S are permitted to undertake restraints.

"We appointed a senior Safeguarding Lead Nurse from our Addictions Service to investigate the whole incident; this investigation is now complete.

"She was assisted by a member of our Human Resources Team and two others independent of Medway STC, including the Trust Safeguarding Lead for young people. They considered footage from the Panorama programme independently about what was happening and advised the investigator. No CNWL staff from Medway STC were part of the investigating team.

"The investigation was very thorough, and reviewed video evidence, staff statements, and the minutes of safeguarding and restraint review meetings. All our staff at Medway STC cooperated fully with the investigation.

"The investigator concluded that there was no case for him to answer.

"As a result CNWL has lifted this staff member’s suspension.

"Our nine healthcare staff at Medway STC are dedicated to high standards of care; care that is safe, effective and respectful.

"They were as shocked as anyone, not being aware of the abuse Panorama exposed and that makes professionals think. So together with the team, and as a matter of best practice, we are reviewing how we – with others responsible for oversight - make sure abuse of this nature is not allowed to happen again. We will be asking the Commissioners and other experts from outside the Trust to join us in this work."

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