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Mobile breast screening taking place at HMP Send

08 January 2019

A mobile breast screening unit will be set up on site at HMP Send every six months, thanks to work carried out by CNWL's Primary Care Team based at the prison.

The unit, provided by In Health, means that women eligible for screening can be screened on site instead of being escorted to outside hospital.

CNWL's Head of Healthcare at the prison, Penny Leese, said basing such units at prisons was unusual because of the difficulties involved in arranging clearance.

She said: "This is the result of significant hard work over some time by Primary Care staff.  We organised the logistics, met with InHealth on numerous occasions and NHS England in relation to commissioning, sorted clearance with the prison, managed the patients and appointments.  This took many years. This means that women eligible for screening can be screened on site, which is better for them as they don't have to ensure a potentially stressful escort offsite to hospital.  As a result we've seen improved uptake of breast screening.

"Well done to all involved."

The photo shows from top left: Mandeep Saran (pharmacist), Gordon Barlow (receptionist), Dr Phil Jacobs (Lead GP,  Cheam Family Practice.

Middle: Jackie Thompson (administrator)

Bottom from left: Mariyana Badova (Primary Care Nurse), Nikki Scarlett (Primary Care Lead Nurse), Louise Dixon (Pharmacy Technician), Penny Leese (Head of Healthcare), and Anelia Litova (Primary Care team Leader).

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