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Nile Ward mural transforms garden for patients and staff

12 June 2018

In 2016, patients and staff from Nile Ward, St Charles Hospital, came together to create a 10 foot high mural in the garden.

The project has not only transformed the space in to a nicer place for everyone to spend time, but also had many clinical benefits for those involved.

Dr Peter Curtis, Consultant Psychiatrist and Project Lead, said: “Completing a project like this gives people a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Engagement and meaningful activities are generally good for mental health and taking part in such projects can improve self-esteem and social functioning.”

Nile Ward mural project from CNWL NHS Foundation Trust on Vimeo.

The Project Team is now raising funds so that they can develop a multisensory room on the ward to further improve the environment and patient experience.

Dr Curtis said: “Research shows that multisensory environments can help people who are feeling agitated to calm down quickly while maintaining their own and other’s safety.

“Multi-sensory environments provide alternative opportunities for de-escalation (instead of medication) and empower the person to take control and restore their own sense of control.”

The multisensory environment may include some of the following things that research has shown is beneficial:

  • Lighting: Different types of lighting in the room so people have complete and instant control at the touch of a switch. LED lights can be used to change the colour of a space and dramatically influence the atmosphere of an entire environment, restoring the patients sense of control
  • Music: Music is an important part of sensory relaxation
  • Aroma therapies
  • Weighted blankets: these can provide people with a feeling of being grounded and secure which can be calming.

Dr Curtis added: "In a survey of Nile ward, patients have told us that they think these therapeutic interventions would help them to regain control without the need for additional medication. Something like this also gives the opportunity to improve communication and understanding between the patient and caregiver.”

To find out more or to make a donation, visit our fundraising page.