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Nowruz, Nowrouz, Nourooz, New Day - Grenfell events for affected families

13 March 2018

The NHS sends warmest greetings to everyone in the community, coming together to celebrate Nowrouz, the Persian New Year on Tuesday March 20 (at 4:15pm). This is the time that the Earth and the Sun align to start the new season, the beginning of Spring.

It’s a cultural event celebrated from Old Persia throughout differing regions and countries, like Afghanistan and Kurdistan.

We thought it would be nice to support bereaved families to share this together and not be alone, so the NHS Outreach team has organised a meal on Monday 19 March, from 4pm to 7pm and all bereaved families who are celebrating Nourooz are invited. It’s at the Friends and Family Assistance Centre, Fifth Floor, 17 Old Court Place, Lon-don, W8 4PL.
There is another event for all Iranians in the community on Friday 23 March at The Curve from 5pm till 8pm.

We have produced a leaflet with full details on the events. You can view and download it here.