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Nursing Team at Pond Ward wins Hidden Gem Award

Staff from our Nursing Team at Pond Ward are the collective winners of our latest Hidden Gem Award.

Based at Park Royal Mental Health Centre in Brent, the team provides a safe and therapeutic environment for people with acute mental health problems. For a number of months the nursing team has been caring for a patient with a range of complex health needs, both physical and mental. 

Professor Dorothy Griffiths with the team at Pond Ward

Professor Dorothy Griffiths with the team at Pond Ward

The team went beyond expectations to deliver additional support to the patient.

The patient was pregnant and safely delivered her baby, and this was down to the team working in partnership with the patient.

The nomination read: “The team has shown immense resilience and really gone the extra mile to ensure that throughout her pregnancy the patient and her baby were kept safe. The team empowered the patient to work in partnership with them and other agencies to plan and deliver her care in some of the most challenging situations.

All of this was done during a time of immense pressure in the background.”

The team was presented with the award by Professor Dorothy Griffiths, CNWL Chair.

Manager and Deputy Borough Director, Eric Craig, said: “. I was both impressed and proud of how the lady’s care was planned and provided throughout her pregnancy. The team worked alongside the midwifery team and were supported by colleagues from headquarters to ensure both mother and baby received the best of care. This award recognises not only the work done by Pond Ward but the whole team in Park Royal Centre for Mental Health, especially the Matron and the staff on Shore, Pine and Caspian Wards to ensure the lady had support 24-hours a day.”