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OT Week at the Kingswood Centre: Small change, big impact – sensory processing difficulties.

07 November 2019

The Kingswood Centre hosted an event on Monday to raise awareness about sensory processing difficulties and how Occupational Therapists can help people to manage these challenges. There was a temporary sensory room set up with a range of sensory objects, lights, sounds, tastes and smells.

People were invited to explore their senses and think about how sensory information affects them and the things they can do to either wake themselves up or calm down. Workshops demonstrated what it may feel like to have different sensory processing difficulties and encouraged people to think about how we can make things easier for the service users that we support.  

There was a great turn out from the inpatient and community staff teams, the service users and visitors to the Kingswood Centre. It was great to see everyone learning and exploring together.