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Patients overwhelmingly say Surrey sexual health home testing kits are great

11 January 2019

Figures just released from a recent survey show 98% of patients who have ordered the newly launched sexual health home testing kits rated the service as either Excellent (92%) or Very Good (6%). They like them so much that 99% would recommend them to their friends.

CNWL NHS Trust, Surrey’s sexual health provider has been offering Sexual Health home testing kits from April. The reason for their popularity is simple, they are a really convenient and discreet way for people to manage their own sexual health. No need to visit a clinic and see a doctor, you take your own swabs and return them to the lab for testing. CNWL will then contact you with you results straight to your mobile phone. This is an NHS service and is completely free including free return postage.

If you are over 18, live in Surrey (you will have to enter a Surrey County Council area postcode) and have no symptoms (people with symptoms are recommended to attend a clinic appointment), you can order a home self-test kit for a full STI (sexually transmitted infections) check-up. This includes a test for Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, HIV and Syphilis.

Dr Simon Edwards, CNWL Divisional Medical Director (for sexual health services), says:

“It’s fantastic to see that such a high number of patients are rating the kits as excellent; we want to make it as easy as possible for people to get tested. Out of this number, 27% of people say it’s their first time using sexual health services, which is really great news for us as it shows the ease of being able to get tested at home is encouraging more people to get screened.

“Regular testing for sexually transmitted infections and diseases is so important – if left untreated, they can cause a number of serious health and fertility issues which can really impact your quality of life. We want sexual health services to be as versatile, and easy to use as possible, so that more and more people continue to get tested, and get treatment. Feedback shows the kits are quick and easy to use for people who want a check-up but aren’t showing any symptoms of sexual infection. If you are showing symptoms, it’s better and safer if you come and get checked out in clinic to rule out the possibility of other infections that the kits may not test for.”

Patients are saying that the sexual health home test kits are…

  • Really good service
  • This is a flawless service; absolutely fantastic!! Thank you.
  • Keep up the good work; it was much easier, I felt comfortable in my own space
  • Very efficient
  • Would be great if this was available in all areas
  • Fast and simple
  • Fully discreet
  • The layout is brilliant and time saving
  • The process was smooth, easy to follow, discreet and effortless. Thank you.
  • Fully discreet
  • Fast and simple