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PrEP Impact Trial update

23 January 2018

Since October 2017 we have enrolled more than 450 people onto the PrEP Impact Trial at CNWL’s Mortimer Market Centre and Archway Centre.

As this is a trial and not routine NHS service, we were only allocated a limited number of places by the PrEP Impact Trial team. Places have been allocated separately for men who have sex with men (MSM) and other people who might benefit from PrEP. 

Our PrEP Impact Trial Enrolment appointments for MSM are now fully booked at both Archway and Mortimer Market Centre. There may be further places allocated in the next few months; we will provide any update, if that happens.

We remain open for non-MSM participants – please visit the PrEP Impact Trial website for further information on eligibility.

If you are eligible under a non-MSM category, please book in for an STI check and discussion and you will be referred to the clinical trials team to be considered to join the trial.  For an STI check and discussion please book a nurse treatment appointment.

Please check the HIV prevention page on the CNWL website and Twitter for future updates about the PrEP Impact Trial at Mortimer Market and Archway.