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Recovery College at ENMESH conference

10 June 2019

ENMESH is the European Network for Mental Health Service Evaluation and was established in 1991 under the auspices of the World Health Organisation.

Its aims are:

  • To develop and maintain a network of active researchers in mental health service research in Europe
  • To promote the development and dissemination of study designs, research instruments, mental health outcome indicators (including cost measurements), and relevant forms of statistical indicators
  • To function as a clearing house for mental health service evaluation information in Europe.

ENMESH main activities are:

  • To organise an international conference every second year - where researchers meet, are networking and discussing research related issues.
  • To run and update a register of researchers active in the field of mental health service research and evaluation.
  • To maintain  website to inform of activities within and linked to ENMESH.

Waldo Roeg, Senior Peer Trainer at CNWL’s Recovery College spoke twice at the  last ENMESH conference held in  Portugal on 6 to 8 June 2019. 

His presentations, Jointly with other peer trainers can be downloaded below:

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