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Statement to BBC from Dr Farrukh Alam, Divisional Medical Director responsible for MK Mental Health Services

30 November 2018

The Campbell Centre is a very good service that has provided excellent care to many hundreds of patients. We are confident that our staff want every patient to have the best care and a compassionate and respectful experience.

We welcome scrutiny and feedback when that is not the case.

We have ample evidence that the care delivered at the Campbell Centre is of high quality; we receive many compliments; we undertake unannounced visits to our teams, regularly to assess the care and treatment to maintain quality.

There are sad occasions when it doesn’t go right and mistakes are made. That’s why we apologised to Mr Young – for the mistake made about his environment triggering his rare asthmatic condition; that said we have no evidence that staff laughed at him.

The recent Inquests you refer to – which we know are very upsetting for the families – examined our staff and their actions in public. No faults were highlighted about care given to either patient and the failures of communication highlighted are being addressed.

We have a strong culture of learning from incidents so we can continue to improve safety and the effectiveness of care delivery.

We have faith and confidence in all our staff who provide excellent and person-centred care to the best of their abilities.